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The Insurance Development Forum (IDF) Summit is the global flagship event of the climate and disaster risk finance and insurance community. It brings together members of the Partnership and the wider resilience and development community to debate pressing issues, exchange knowledge and share best practices and innovations.

The IDF Summit 2022 will be focused on the theme “Purpose, Protection and Perspectives”. The experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and the catastrophic impacts of climate change are material for billions of people around the world and will be felt for generations to come.

These crises, amongst others, including recent geo-political developments present a test of values, and leadership and challenge global solidarity. The IDF Summit 2022 will bring together leading independent voices to share their views on the critical role the insurance industry, in collaboration with the public sector and other stakeholders, play in responding to the increasing risks we all face.

The Summit will highlight the urgent need to build better risk management and protection systems for all and the intrinsic connection to the purpose of the insurance industry. The objective will be to inspire, foster new ideas and catalyse positive action.

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30th May, 2022