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Seminar Series

Seminar: Leonardo Martinez-Diez, WRI: The Future of Disaster Risk Pooling for Developing Countries

The IDF is delighted to be jointly hosting a 2019-2020 seminar series with the Centre for Disaster Protection and the World Bank DRF team, entitled 'Finding Better Ways to Stop Disasters Devastating Lives'. 

The idea behind the seminar series is to provide a platform where esteemed speakers from the disaster risk financing/insurance space can share insights into their work with the aim of promoting learning, innovation and discussion. 

This is the first seminar in the new series, given by Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, Global Director of the Sustainable Finance Center at the World Resources Institute. The seminar will focus on his recent paper, "The Future of Disaster Risk Pooling for Developing Countries: Where Do We Go From Here?".

Eventbrite link here