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During 2021, the IDF and its members and partners delivered significant policy and operational impact. This included:

  • The launch of an unprecedented partnership between the IDF & V20 Group of Ministers of Finance for 55 climate-vulnerable countries (V20) focused on Risk & Resilience Analytics;
  • Significant acceleration of our operational programmes with over 90 global industry experts active on country projects; 50 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) officials working across country projects; 17 Governments in direct discussion on disaster risk financing initiatives;
  • Significant mobilisation of new resources in support of the climate and disaster risk financing agenda;
  • Unprecedented convening of leaders across the public, private, civil society and academic community during the IDF June Summit; and so much more.

The last year has witnessed ground-breaking engagement between our private and public sector partners, who have stepped up to galvanise resources to support the disaster risk financing agenda, in line with the ambitions of the sustainable development goals.

We hope you enjoy reading this report, which reflects on a Milestone year of Impact in 2021 and lays the groundwork for another year of action galvanising the public, private and humanitarian sectors to highlight the crucial role that insurers can play in addressing pressing global adaptation and resilience challenge​s.

Download the IDF 2021 Annual Review here

Thank you to all our members and partner organisations for your continued support.


31st January, 2022