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Speaking at the 2021 InsurResilience Global Partnership Annual Forum, Moderator Claudia Thyme, Director Strategic Market Development, AXA XL, a division of AXA / Industry Deputy Chair, Sovereign & Humanitarian Solutions WG, Insurance Development Forum, is joined by:

– Ms Annette Detken, Head of InsuResilience Solutions Fund Management, Climate Risk Analysis Lead, InsuResilience Solutions Fund

– Mr Denis Duverne, Chairman, AXA and Insurance Development Forum

– Mr Héctor Santana Suárez, Head of Insurance, Pensions and Social Security Unit, Ministry of Finance, Mexico

Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) solutions in developing countries can protect sovereigns and their citizens from the impacts of disasters and help build up their resilience.

Yet take up is still limited and their use needs to be scaled up. In this session we will hear a sovereigns’ perspectives on the use of CDRFI solutions and hear from public sector and insurance industry leaders from their experience in looking to scale up use of these tools.

Watch the video in full. 


20th January, 2022