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IDF Footage & Webinars


The IDF hosted this webinar following the recent launch of its ‘Development Impact of Risk Analytics’ paper, which is a ground breaking report from 30 private, public, development and humanitarian organisations, all rallying behind the belief that risk insight should not be the privilege of the few.

The report investigates and unpacks the importance of risk insight in building resilience and growing economies, and in advancing humanitarian action. It makes recommendations on how sovereign and city decision-makers can develop their own view of risk, as a foundation of an effective, inclusive risk strategy.

Thanks go to our prestigious panel:

  • Eric Andersen, President, Aon plc
  • Mami Mizutori, Special Representative of the Secretary General, UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Daniel Clarke, Director, Centre for Disaster Protection (and Co-Chair of the IDF Sovereign & Humanitarian Solutions working group)
  • Ekhosuehi Iyahen, Secretary General, Insurance Development Forum
  • Ian Branagan, Chief Risk Officer, Renaissance Re (and Co-Chair of the IDF’s Risk Modelling Steering Group)

Key areas covered in this webinar included:

  • The importance of risk analysis as the foundation of a strategy that combines risk prevention, risk transfer and anticipatory action.
  • The paradox that most investment in risk understanding is in the global north, far removed from the greatest vulnerabilities.
  • How public-private partnership can apply the expertise and resources of all sectors to help redress the balance.
  • How existing open-source technologies and data standards can – and should – be applied to accelerate the spread of risk understanding.
  • How the outcome could be empowering not only for governments developing a risk strategy, but for communities, women and vulnerable groups.
  • How CoP26 presents a unique opportunity to make this happen.


2nd December, 2020