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Mathieu Dubreuil is Lead Programme Advisor for Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance at the World Food Programme in the Climate and DRR Programmes Service.

With more than 15 years of experience in this space, he is working on index insurance at micro (R4 Initiative and other schemes) and macro (ARC Replica Plus) levels. Based in Rome, he is supporting the development of all insurance programmes globally.

In 2022, WFP recorded more than 3.8 m beneficiaries from insurance scheme integrated into broader risk management programmes in 20 countries. He is also member of the operational committee of the IDF, and other working groups.

Before joining WFP, he was managing 5 microinsurance brokerage companies in West Africa, for PlaNet Guarantee, and particularly heading a regional index insurance programme, based in Senegal, introducing the first index insurance schemes in the region. Previously, he worked on credit life and health microinsurance in Africa and Middle East and worked in the field of microfinance.

Mathieu is graduated from EDHEC Business School, with a major on cultural and humanitarian aid management.