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Dr Nicola Ranger helps financial institutions, public and private, factor climate and environmental risks into their decision making, and aims to speed up investment in green finance.

She works at the intersection of science, risk analytics, finance, economics and policy. She works extensively in emerging and developing economies, particularly in Southeast Asia and Africa. Dr Ranger joined Oxford from the World Bank, where she worked with Ministries of Finance, Central Banks and regional institutions to strengthen financial resilience to climate and other crises.

Previously, she spent six years at the UK Department for International Development (now FCDO) where she was lead advisor on risk financing. Dr Ranger has also worked as a government official on climate change for Defra and HM Treasury.

She has contributed to the IPCC Special Report on Managing Extreme Events, the World Development Report 2010, the UK National Climate Change Risk Assessment, and the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change.

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