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Fellow actuary, chartered Accountant and economist, in his more than 25 years of experience in the industry Carlos has defended the role of insurance in society as the essential tool to mutualize risks and channel long-term investments, promoting more inclusive and resilient societies.

After more than 12 years as Executive Manager of the ECOFIN department of the Spanish Insurance Association (UNESPA), Carlos joined MAPFRE in 2017. From 2018, he is Vice Chair of the Prudential Regulation Committee of the European Insurance Federation (Insurance Europe), position that he combines with his role at MAPFRE.

In addition, Carlos also represents MAPFRE  in the Spanish member of Business Europe (CEOE) in both the European Affairs Committee, and the International Affairs Committee and participates in various working groups and think tanks of the insurance and financial sector, like the Geneva Association, with the objective of advising MAPFRE governance bodies and policy makers when required, about the various legislative initiatives in progress, with a relevant impact on the group activity.

Previously, Carlos was actuarial manager at KPMG working in Barcelona, Madrid and London offices, and has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and economic sciences and a Master’s degree in actuarial sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid.

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